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Mesas of Arizona


My friend who is a cosmetic dentist in New Braunfels told me more about this place. According to him, the home of the Grand Canyon is also the land of painted deserts, spiritual vortexes and ghost towns. Indeed, the 48th state is more than just desert and cacti: It has rivers, forests, mountains—and such man-made luxuries as gold courses, plush resorts and upscale nightlife. When you visit Arizona you also get a textured look at the different cultures that have shaped it over the centuries, from the Native Americans to the Spanish and the iconic cowboys of the Wild West days. Whether you travel to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon, buy art in Sedona, hike amid the ponderosa pines in Flagstaff, or chillax in a Scottsdale spa, you’ll find that the majesty of the terrain translates into an unabashed frontier vibe. He told me that when he was working in a New Braunfels Bar, he visited this place many times. He give us some guide which you can read on in this Arizona travel guide to plan your trip to the Grand Canyon state:

Things Not to Miss in Arizona
• Gazing into the Grand Canyon
•Seeing the colors of the Painted Desert
•Seeing the buttes, mesas, and rock formations of Monument Valley
•Soaking up the energy from the Red Rocks in Sedona
• Digging into a Sonoran hot dog

When to Go to Arizona-

No doubt, there’s a big reason why the snowbirds come to the desert regions of Arizona in the winter: the peak Arizona travel season lasts from November to March—at least in the Phoenix and Tucson areas, when temperatures are warm but not hot. Winter, however, is chilly at the Grand Canyon, Sedona and Flagstaff, which sit at higher elevations and even get snow. The north Rim if the Grand Canyon closes during winter, too. Spring and fall are good times to visit Arizona in general, though, when temperatures stay fairly mild, and in spring you’ll have a good chance of seeing desert wildflowers—and the white blooms on the saguaro cacti.

Disney World, Disneyland

Disney World, Disneyland


Most of us associate Disney with children, and there are quite a few adults who would be unwilling to admit they went to Disneyland on their own, or with other adult friends.


While it’s true that both great Disney centers in our country – Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California – are tailored to let children have the best time of their lives, there’s no reason why an adult shouldn’t enjoy themselves almost as much. After all, we’ve all grown up with Disney’s heroes, but not all of us got the chance to visit these parks during our childhood.


Best visited with a group of friends


I haven’t had a chance to visit either of these fun places yet, but they are definitely high on my travel list. I’ll also look to persuade as many of my friends as possible to accompany me, as the experience will be that much better with close ones sharing the fun. Also, after my visit is over, I’ll have no qualms about letting everyone know how much fun I’ve had, despite being an adult.


Feeling like a Tsar in St Petersburg Russia

To many, Russia isn’t a prime tourist destination as it’s known for its unwelcoming temperatures and what many believe is a nation of somewhat discreet people. For me, however, St. Petersburg has long been a place I looked forward to visiting and enjoying everything that it has to offer.

 Why I’ll skip Moscow in favor of St. Petersburg

 Moscow may be Russia’s most known city and its capital, but I find St. Petersburg much more charming and with many more sights to offer. It also tends to be warmer than Moscow, which is infamous for its freezing temperatures, especially during the peak of winter.

St. Petersburg, as a whole, is an architectural marvel as it borrows styles from several of Europe’s most prominent countries, like Italy, Germany and even our beloved country, the U.S. Emperor Peter the Great, after whom St. Petersburg is named, brought in dozens of architects from all of these countries in order to construct what he referred to as a „window onto Europe.“

 The multi-cultural city

 As such, St. Petersburg prides itself not only on having Europe’s beautiful architecture but also on hosting many distinct communities from the countries in question. Once I get there, I’ll be sure to get in touch with people from other countries and especially Americans in order to find out how they like living in this great city.

How we see Korea

When many people think of Korea, especially those in the U.S., they will often think of a private communist nation that has threatened several parts of the world with nuclear attacks. This is only North Korea, however, as South Korea is an entirely different country – a vibrant one, full of life and joy.

 South Korea’s marvelous metropolis

 I haven’t yet had the chance to visit South Korea, but it is definitely at the top of my to-go list. The city of my choosing will undoubtedly be Seoul, South Korea’s largest city and its capital. I have heard many amazing stories from those who were lucky enough to visit this metropolis and am very eager to see it for myself.

 Getting to know the Korean people

 I’m also interested in witnessing the Korean society first-hand. From what I’ve gathered observing their rich entertainment industry, they are a great nation that loves a good show and whose inhabitants really enjoy having a good time.

 It’s no secret that Seoul is one of the top tourist destinations in the world, as it is a city of the 21st century in every sense of the word. While I am slightly concerned with the language barrier once I reach this beautiful country, I am sure that those in the capital will be more than accustomed to welcoming strangers unfamiliar with their language.

Trip Around the USA

A lot of travelers from the U.S. like to make their first destination somewhere far away without even taking the time to visit some of our country’s most beautiful cities. America is definitely a place that people from all over the world enjoy visiting, so why should we take it for granted and

not enjoy the best it has to offer?

 U.S. residents have a tourist attraction at their fingertips

 My buddy over at New Braunfels Carpet Cleaning has taken several road trips across the U.S., each time visiting different cities of note and even beautiful natural locations that our country is full of. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and similar cities were all among his top destinations before he decided to venture outside the country and see what the rest of the world has in store.

 In particular, he enjoyed visiting different regions in our country to find out how life there differs from mine and how their customs are unique to the region in question. This really allowed him to get in touch with the nation and feel like he has a better understanding of where he’s coming from. He still says his favorite “destination” is right in his back yard. “Good ole tubing in new braunfels texas on the comal river” and Limousine service San Antonio!

 Others often make a huge effort to see our country

 None of us who were born in the U.S. should make the mistake of overlooking the beauty of the different parts of our country. Tourists from all around the globe pay large sums of money year-round to come here and enjoy themselves, so we should definitely look to explore our own backyard a bit.


My Favorite Way to Travel

There are several different means of transportation one can use in order to quickly and comfortably reach their destination. Some are more pleasant than others and, for many, it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

 If you can take a plane, go for it

 Planes are generally thought of as the most comfortable way to travel and are certainly the most efficient, as no other method of transit can cross a distance in as little time as a plane can. However, many have a fear of flying despite it being advertised as the safest way to travel. Plane is my favorite way to travel, especially since I like going to places that are very far away, but it can get quite expensive, especially if you are going for first class accommodation.

 Boats and buses for when you can’t fly

 Boats and ships also tend to be pleasant in general, as they are usually very spacey and the traveling itself is quiet and peaceful. While on your way to where you need to be, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the ocean and the waves carrying the vessel to its destination. They are, however, somewhat limited to places between which resides a body of water.

 Last but not least, buses are probably the most common way as they are practical and affordable to everyone. Most of my traveling has been done in buses of varying degrees of comfort and functionality, and while it wasn’t always the coziest of travels, I certainly meant some fascinating people traveling alongside me. I found a nice limo here once.