Disney World, Disneyland


Most of us associate Disney with children, and there are quite a few adults who would be unwilling to admit they went to Disneyland on their own, or with other adult friends.


While it’s true that both great Disney centers in our country – Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California – are tailored to let children have the best time of their lives, there’s no reason why an adult shouldn’t enjoy themselves almost as much. After all, we’ve all grown up with Disney’s heroes, but not all of us got the chance to visit these parks during our childhood.


Best visited with a group of friends


I haven’t had a chance to visit either of these fun places yet, but they are definitely high on my travel list. I’ll also look to persuade as many of my friends as possible to accompany me, as the experience will be that much better with close ones sharing the fun. Also, after my visit is over, I’ll have no qualms about letting everyone know how much fun I’ve had, despite being an adult.