To many, Russia isn’t a prime tourist destination as it’s known for its unwelcoming temperatures and what many believe is a nation of somewhat discreet people. For me, however, St. Petersburg has long been a place I looked forward to visiting and enjoying everything that it has to offer.

 Why I’ll skip Moscow in favor of St. Petersburg

 Moscow may be Russia’s most known city and its capital, but I find St. Petersburg much more charming and with many more sights to offer. It also tends to be warmer than Moscow, which is infamous for its freezing temperatures, especially during the peak of winter.

St. Petersburg, as a whole, is an architectural marvel as it borrows styles from several of Europe’s most prominent countries, like Italy, Germany and even our beloved country, the U.S. Emperor Peter the Great, after whom St. Petersburg is named, brought in dozens of architects from all of these countries in order to construct what he referred to as a „window onto Europe.“

 The multi-cultural city

 As such, St. Petersburg prides itself not only on having Europe’s beautiful architecture but also on hosting many distinct communities from the countries in question. Once I get there, I’ll be sure to get in touch with people from other countries and especially Americans in order to find out how they like living in this great city.