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Lucy Collett I sincerely love everything about you.

Initially I wasn't overly concerned about this shift in the magazine's editorial focus. Our launch cover star was Nell McAndrew, perkily sporting a vest. Drunk chinese girl fucked. In the end I was forced out of my job because management felt they needed a man to be news editor. Nuts magazine naked girls. We must never use the word "tits".

Memorable moments include having to watch Abi Titmuss's home-made sex DVD with a female lawyer to check the legality of our report. Nuts was in the right place at the right time. We should write about them with charm and wit. I think back to my reaction when my younger sister, Roxanne, wanted to be in Nuts. My armour wasn't even punctured when a fellow female journalist approached me in the pub to ask me how I slept at night: All the headlines in Zoo were in superlatives, everything was the "biggest, longest, fastest, heaviest… in the world!

But first, before we went live, I had to populate it; ensuring it launched with a boob bang rather than a no-boob whimper. Nude barefoot women. They took me to the pub to celebrate. Lads' mags shun Co-op over cover-up demand. I was more organised than the men, more efficient. Women were equals who they happened to fancy like mad. Holly Peers awesome outtakes for Nuts Magazine by yourdailygirl Mar 24, 0. Billie Faiers is looking pretty sexy in what is her last shoot for Nuts Magazine.

The one time we did have topless women in the office — they trooped in with a PR to plug some random product — the editor was horrified and the staff awkward and red-faced with embarrassment, looking intently at their screens.

We went right into the young man's stomping ground — bars and nightclubs — to take pictures of girls flashing. To me, it seemed harmless — the copy was cut through with cheeky seaside humour, making it feel like "good clean fun", and there were editorial rules laid down so we didn't disrespect the women we featured. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. But as the fight for sales became fiercer, we needed to be bigger and bolder. A phenomenon we at Nuts had happened upon several months before and one that had made the magazine a huge success.

But I still feel awkward at the thought of telling women that they should not and could not participate in this culture.

This conviction has wobbled over the years. Friday the 13th 2009 tits. That was it, really. We told a generation of young men that a woman's value lay in the pertness of her breasts and willingness to flash in a public place before going home to have sex.

I was promoted several times until I was its number three. My colleagues certainly didn't temper their comments for my benefit.

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They took me to the pub to celebrate. Holly Hagan is looking pretty good in her latest, and probably last spread for Nuts. Nude interracial pics. I was promoted several times until I was its number three.

Knowing the people who worked on Nutsit wasn't done with any cynicism. Girls Girls Select Category A. Nuts magazine naked girls. My colleagues certainly didn't temper their comments for my benefit. Unlike the print features which are mainly unpaidwomen on the mobile sites get a cut of the profits when their picture is downloaded. And I was a part of that for entirely selfish reasons. In her book, Walter recounts the conversation: Emma Glover very sexy for Nuts Magazine by yourdailygirl Apr 1, 0.

The next natural step in men's media was online and mobile, both of which became more important as print sales declined.

The office would usually be found picking apart last night's Newsnightrowing about politics or discussing house prices. Twenty-eight-year-old Lucy Marles was in Nuts when she was in her early 20s and waitressing in Pizza Hut. Naked white women. All three women angrily react to my suggestion that many women don't agree with what they did. And maybe, just maybe, some of the women who claim to do it and enjoy it really do mean it. No one turned up for my job interview because they'd got pissed the night before and forgotten.

She refutes any suggestion of exploitation. We gently suggested that they might want to look a bit more "natural" and go easy on the hair extensions, razor-sharp talons and thick fake tan. I ask if it was a factor. I put this "personal choice" argument to Anna van Heeswijk.

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I was often the only woman in editorial meetings. While the magazines themselves may be in decline, the culture they helped to create can still be seen in towns and cities all around the UK — from the Saturday-night porny perspex heels to the casual DIY sex tapes and still-held hopes for fast fame.

Zara May is pretty cute, and the fact she is another amateur and was voted for, seems to in my That's not for me to say. Ftv nude videos. When I saw an ad for news editor at Emap's new men's magazine, it was all very top secret. Holly Hagan nice spread for Nuts Magazine by yourdailygirl Apr 28, 0. One windy Monday night in Kingston, I approached a girl to ask if she'd like to be photographed for Nuts.

Chloe Goodman for Nuts Magazine by yourdailygirl Apr 25, 1.

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