When many people think of Korea, especially those in the U.S., they will often think of a private communist nation that has threatened several parts of the world with nuclear attacks. This is only North Korea, however, as South Korea is an entirely different country – a vibrant one, full of life and joy.

 South Korea’s marvelous metropolis

 I haven’t yet had the chance to visit South Korea, but it is definitely at the top of my to-go list. The city of my choosing will undoubtedly be Seoul, South Korea’s largest city and its capital. I have heard many amazing stories from those who were lucky enough to visit this metropolis and am very eager to see it for myself.

 Getting to know the Korean people

 I’m also interested in witnessing the Korean society first-hand. From what I’ve gathered observing their rich entertainment industry, they are a great nation that loves a good show and whose inhabitants really enjoy having a good time.

 It’s no secret that Seoul is one of the top tourist destinations in the world, as it is a city of the 21st century in every sense of the word. While I am slightly concerned with the language barrier once I reach this beautiful country, I am sure that those in the capital will be more than accustomed to welcoming strangers unfamiliar with their language.