There are several different means of transportation one can use in order to quickly and comfortably reach their destination. Some are more pleasant than others and, for many, it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

 If you can take a plane, go for it

 Planes are generally thought of as the most comfortable way to travel and are certainly the most efficient, as no other method of transit can cross a distance in as little time as a plane can. However, many have a fear of flying despite it being advertised as the safest way to travel. Plane is my favorite way to travel, especially since I like going to places that are very far away, but it can get quite expensive, especially if you are going for first class accommodation.

 Boats and buses for when you can’t fly

 Boats and ships also tend to be pleasant in general, as they are usually very spacey and the traveling itself is quiet and peaceful. While on your way to where you need to be, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the ocean and the waves carrying the vessel to its destination. They are, however, somewhat limited to places between which resides a body of water.

 Last but not least, buses are probably the most common way as they are practical and affordable to everyone. Most of my traveling has been done in buses of varying degrees of comfort and functionality, and while it wasn’t always the coziest of travels, I certainly meant some fascinating people traveling alongside me. I found a nice limo here once.